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Adtool – Resolving Brand Management Issues
Wednesday 08 June 2005

• Self-service marketing solution delivers consistent brand use in a range of media
• Slashes production costs of tailored artwork
• Creates and produces adverts, direct mail, artwork, point of sale, email and SMS
• Internet based outsourced application lowers cost of ownership

London, 21st October - Adtool, a high technology start-up company backed by customers including Shell and Chrysler and Jeep, is launching a radical new solution that allows marketing departments to protect their brand integrity and slash production costs for artwork.

Adtool automates the creation and production of tailored branded artwork in a matter of minutes, replacing a costly traditional production cycle. Typically Adtool’s customer solutions cost in the region of £100 000 including both consultancy and delivery.

“Every day acts of unspeakable brand carnage are being committed by well intentioned people. Adtool lets these non-technical people publish within brand guidelines and, that’s the big difference with what we offer,” says Charlie Jackson General Manager Adtool. ”People expect technology to be able to address workflow and reporting in the creative process but by extending it to production it really regains a competitive edge in terms of cost and time.”

The commercial launch of Adtool is a logical extension of a business built up over the past three years following the development of separate brand and media management solutions for Royal Dutch Shell, Chrysler and Jeep The Royal Mail, Mercedes Benz and Smart.

Chrysler Jeep’s marketing budget has been a major beneficiary. Adtool has saved over a million pounds in production costs on adverts to Chrysler and Jeep’s network of dealers across the UK. Here Adtool provides a browser accessible solution for booking National and local press campaigns that automates the creation, production and delivery of artwork to individual media outlets so fast that cheaper last minute media deals can now be booked.

“We now have a one stop shop for our dealers that give them control over the content and delivery of material within our creative frameworks. The results have outstripped our expectations. In the first three years we put through 3,600 adverts which would have traditionally accounted for costs of £1.125 Million,” according to Chrysler and Jeep’s dealer marketing specialist Andy Sarson.

Having been developed in demanding live environments Adtool is a proven hub for complex multi-channel brand environments covering all elements of the marketing mix – such as adverts, direct mail, artwork, point of sale and email. One customer uses Adtool to deliver consistency of creative materials sourced from four different agencies, seamlessly from within its own internet marketing centre for dealer communications.

Adtool is classed as a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solution or Marketing Automation Solution and effectively provides a central repository for material such as specific campaigns. This is supported by workflow to provide accountable procedures such as approval cycles and management reports but also extends into the automated production of materials through the use of a powerful composition engine, sourced from high-end publishing software specialist Advent3B2. It is combination of the composition engine and Adtool’s own customisation that allows material to be created specifically for its designed purpose and not resized as tends to be case with other marketing ‘solutions’.

About Adtool

Adtool develops and markets an automated marketing materials creation system, which enables large enterprises to communicate, deliver and control all of their marketing collateral. Its growing customer base includes Mercedes Benz, The Royal Mail, Royal Dutch Shell, Chrysler Jeep and Smart. For more information about Adtool visit the web site

Full range of supporting photography – from Chrysler and Jeep, Shell as well as screenshots and Adtool’s general manager are available – please contact Andrew on 01925 217250.

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