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GuardianBox stars in Italian Job
Monday 14 August 2006

GuardianBox secures largest deal to date for Bridge Broadband Services

April 2006, Perth, Scotland, BASE 3, a leading Italian IT service provider, has licensed the innovative GuardianBox from Bridge Broadband Services for distribution in Italy and in Southern Europe.

Initial forecasts suggest a demand of up to 400 systems by the end of 2007, which would be worth in the region of £500, 000 to Bridge Broadband Services. Potential for further growth exists both in a rapidly growing domestic market for broadband connectivity in remote rural locations and through potential expansion into other European territories.

The Trento based operation, which has a specialist satellite services division known as Satlink, is best known for a wide range of satellite solutions for banks, corporate customers and government establishments offering Global coverage through a range of satellite operators.

"GuardianBox is a perfect fit for us," comments Nicola Baldo of Base 3. "Modern satellite technology is transforming the adoption of broadband and that connection has to be secure and managed. GuardianBox gives us manageable control over content and security, but also quality of support that we need to market to a sophisticated and demanding customer base."

In Italy GuardianBox will be marketed as Maxx Gateway, which reflects the work already undertaken by Satlink in developing a solution to manage Internet connections before reaching the agreement with GuardianBox.


Keith Fergie, general manager of Bridge Broadband Services the company behind the Guardianbox was delighted. "I'm so pleased to be working with a company of the calibre of BASE 3 and Satlink, it's a great testament to our vision and design. It also gives us some excellent opportunities to jointly develop and strengthen the overall capabilities of the GuardianBox from the range of equipment supported to the management reporting capabilities."

About Bridge Broadband services

Bridge Broadband Services was formed in 1998, initially to provide high-speed broadband services for more remote areas using satellite technology. This has seen the company develop business both locally and internationally meeting the need for secure satellite based high-speed networks in challenging and remote environments. A high profile success was with the Mobile Online Learning Initiative (MOLI) a training classroom in a coach that has travelled all over Scotland since 2003 hosting over 2000 people on the satellite broadband driven workstations. In 2004 the company launched the first version of its GuardianBox, offering secure broadband connectivity for home users and small businesses, and has recently licensed GuardianBox technology to Guatemalan based Red Technologies for distribution in Latin America.

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