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Audience Relations starts with targets – needs and goals. With Anderson Baillie you quickly identify these, adapting the core issues of the marketing campaign and move them into provocative statements or ‘media engagement/arguments’ that surround the ongoing editorial agenda. These become the hooks for you to participate in the ongoing editorial debate. This is the only effective way to participate in the debate whilst maintaining a focus on sales and business development and not column inches for the sake of it.

Case Studies
Phantom Case Study - The Phantom Entertainment network - Click here to read this case study
Another exciting project has been the role Anderson Baillie’s Audience Relations practice has played in raising awareness of a new, revolutionary on-demand games service in Europe.
Azure (BT) Case Study - BT appoints Anderson Baillie in Managed Services deal - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie were contracted by BT (British Telecom) for 12 months, to manage the marketing functions for a new company from strategic planning, brand development and product marketing through to all aspects of marcomms delivery.