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Anderson Baillie prefers not use the term public or press relations and has developed what is described as Audience Relations – strategically driven communications with targeted media audiences reflecting and promoting the sales engagements in parallel with marketing communications.

A single strategy, Audience Relations working from within its parameters and goals, not outside them.

It’s a bespoke consultative process that begins with identifying the key audiences you have to communicate with to grow the business effectively.

Your Key audiences are effectively defined by needs – your need to use the media to communicate with sales prospects, business partners through to the investment community.

It recognises complex buying decisions are influenced by different individuals in any organisation, and, equally that your key messages have to be adapted for the audiences you’re seeking to influence.

The key is bringing all the functions of sales and marketing, channel and partners together. Likewise, at a granular level it is matter of creating sound and compelling messages and then driving these into the market. We are all well aware of developing propositions in marketing collateral and sales – so why not use them in media or analyst interaction?

When creating the marketing and sales strategy Anderson Baillie brings Audience Relations directly alongside other communications disciplines and applies its targets in the same way as you would advertising or direct mail, events or account management.

Because one size doesn’t fit all, your audiences have to be granular. This ensures that whilst we track and execute plans to gain heavyweight coverage, we also look more closely at industry sectors where more dominant coverage can be secured quickly. After all, dominant third party editorial endorsements for your company add kudos far faster than a one paragraph mention.

Using the messages our clients take to market, Anderson Baillie then plans and executes deliberate tactics to generate marketing interaction – not randomly but specifically about the issues your target customers need to hear about. No more random reporting, no more facile stories that have little relevance to the sales and marketing campaign – total integration through strategy.

Case Studies
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Another exciting project has been the role Anderson Baillie’s Audience Relations practice has played in raising awareness of a new, revolutionary on-demand games service in Europe.
Vivista Case Study - Online Customer Satisfaction Survey - Click here to read this case study
Vivista's quality assurance team approached Anderson Baillie to assist them in finding a way of utilising technology to conduct their annual customer satisfaction survey.