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Our media audit tools allow you to understand the media landscape and make sure we build the right programme to deliver coverage. Powerful search technologies map the issues your competitors are commenting on and which of the media will be susceptible to your messaging and which topics the media will be writing about. Coupled with live analysis of web content we ensure clients remain fully briefed on the market, their competitors and, naturally, our successes.

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Case Studies
Phantom Case Study - The Phantom Entertainment network - Click here to read this case study
Another exciting project has been the role Anderson Baillie’s Audience Relations practice has played in raising awareness of a new, revolutionary on-demand games service in Europe.
Azure (BT) Case Study - BT appoints Anderson Baillie in Managed Services deal - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie were contracted by BT (British Telecom) for 12 months, to manage the marketing functions for a new company from strategic planning, brand development and product marketing through to all aspects of marcomms delivery.